Amanda was talking  about Nick as much as Liv was talking about Elliot.


Under the cut, you’ll find my small gifs of Jessica Szhor as Vanessa Abrams in Season 3 of Gossip Girl. Requested by my bae Alice. Please Like/Reblog if you use any of these gifs. Will add more as I make more.


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They make a pretty great couple, don’t they?

SVU thoughts

 So… I’m wondering after scrolling the SVU tags why is  that Amanda’s saving Nick come up as such a act of a “fool woman in love” instead of the actions of  a partner and friend reciprocating?

If it wasn’t for Nick and his protective instincts she would be in jail. He discovered Nate’s manwhore ways that  lead to the discover of Amanda’s other friend psycho plan to incriminating her. In “Gambler’s” Nick went to who at the moment he thought was an  Irish mob to threatened  him away from her even after as far as he knew she wasn’t  going to be his co-worker anymore. Also, what  Amanda did for Nick is not even remotely the worst thing she has done that can ruin her career forever. Declan covered her ass but what she did  could come up at any moment. Her addiction has her career permanently at  risk and probably that’s why she is willing to risk it for something more worth it.

amaro&rollins + criminal stories

You should do 13.09  Lost Traveler.:D So much rollaro bickering in that one.